Thursday, February 17, 2011

Traditions today: A discussion on how people’s cultural stories, traditions and their faith color their thoughts and how they live their lives

I want to try to start a new series of discussions here. We’ll see if anyone’s interested in it. I want to have an open, honest and serious exploration about specific foundations, tenets, dogmas of different religious traditions and faiths. I hope to specifically explore how/if they present themselves in our current culture collectively or our lives as individuals.  

I have opinions and answers of my own to the questions, as you may well have guessed, but I am more interested in hearing what you have to contribute a discussion on the topics. If enough people are participating perhaps I could simply facilitate without participating at all. – wouldn’t that be nice for you? This is a little tricky for me, actually. It’s not really fair for me to ask for YOUR viewpoints without being willing to share mine up front but I’m worried if I do that, then the conversation might be more about discussion my viewpoints and less about a general exploration of the topic. So I will share my viewpoints but first I will ask some general conversation starters. I’m quite interested in the answers to these specific questions but more so in a free-flowing discussion. So if you have something to say that doesn’t have anything to do with the questions, forget them!

I want this to be a real discussion and for that to be the case everyone needs to feel they will be respected as individuals should they participate. I will not ridicule the assertions of anyone here. I may debate against them, even vigorously, but I will respect anyone that is willing to genuinely engage in the process. All serious attempts to contribute will be appreciated.

I hope I can find topics that will inspire comments from a large variety of worldviews and belief systems. Please, if you have opinions on these take just a moment to put them together and share them with us. 

Thank you,

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